Perchero Nº 3 pequeño

Este perchero de un gancho, es una pieza decorativa y funcional que vestirá sus paredes, dándoles un toque moderno.

Hecho en madera de Nogal Cafetero. Incluye set de montaje: tornillo y chazo plástico.

This single hook wooden coat hanger is a decorative and functional piece that will dress up your walls, giving them a modern touch.
Made up of Nogal Cafetero wood mounted on a plywood base, to be fixed on the wall with a screw (included, as well as a plastic wall anchor).

perchero_un-gancho-3  perchero_un-gancho-2 perchero_un-gancho-5

Dimensiones aproximadas – Approximate Dimensions:

Alto: 14 cms. – Height: 5.5 in.

Ancho:  10 cms. –  Top width: 4 in.

Profundidad: 3.8 cms. – Depth: 1.5 in.

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