Pájaro movil

Pájaro ornamental en madera. Para ser exhibido colgado o sobre una superficie.

Elaborado en madera de Nogal Cafetero.

Wooden bird ornament representing a bird standing on an open cage. Adecuate for hanging (cord included) or standing on a shelve or table.

The wood used for both, the cage and the bird is Nogal Cafetero, and a difference in the finishing gives them a subtle contrast.

Dimensiones aproximadas por módulo –

Approximate Dimensions per module:

Alto: 14.2 cms. – Height: 5.5 in.

Ancho:  11.2 cms. –  Top width: 4.5 in.

Profundidad: 5.5 cms. – Depth: 2 1/8 in.

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