Butaca N° 2

Butaca alta. Tall stoolSerie de seis butacas altas, cada una elaborada a partir de una pieza continua de Nogal Cafetero, con terminado en aceite de linaza y cera artesanal.

Series of six tall stools manufactured each from a continuous piece of Nogal Cafetero (Cordia alliodora), finished with linseed oil and artisanal wax.


Dimensiones aproximadas – Approximate Dimensions:

Alto: 59cms. – Height: 23 in.

Ancho base:  37 cms. – Base width: 14.5 in.

Ancho tapa:  28 cms. –  Top width: 11 in.

Profundidad: 20 cms. – Depth: 7.5 in.

Peso: 5.7 kg. – Weight: 11.4 pounds